Andrew Gyorda

Pharmacist and Manager of the Hollis Pharmacy in Hollis, NH.
Andrew Gyorda

Getting To Know Your Pharmacist

Andrew Gyorda is a pharmacist and manager of the Hollis Pharmacy in Hollis, New Hampshire. He has operated the pharmacy for the past four years. Hollis Pharmacy not a chain pharmacy, but a community pharmacy for the Hollis community. You don’t see a different face every time you go to the drugstore like it might be with a chain pharmacy. Andrew is the pharmacist you will see when you come into Hollis Pharmacy. He also looks for unique ways to reach out to the community, including being a drop-location for the local food bank and a card drop-off location to send cards to first responders. The goal is to specialize for the people in the community.

Andrew was always very interested in the human body as a youth. His mom was a registered dietitian for 50 and she encouraged him to pursue a career in one of the health sciences. He was always impressed by how plants and chemical compounds can alter body functions and sought to know more. When he became a pharmacist in the 1980s and early 1990s, it was a five-year program.

He went through the five-year pharmacy program at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy and was in the Pharmacy National Honor Society when he graduated in 1991. He cycled in college and was on the University of Rhode Island cycling team. He has been working as a community pharmacist ever since. He began working for Brooks Pharmacy and remained with them for 25 years before he began managing Hollis Pharmacy.

There are many questions that can be answered by a community pharmacist that will save you a trip to the doctor. A pharmacist cannot diagnose you, but there are questions you might not have considered asking him that could improve your treatment outcomes while decreasing risks. Mr. Gyorda shares some of the most important questions you can approach your pharmacist with.

When it comes to managing risks of COVID-19 and becoming more educated about the virus, many people have turned to the news or other sources. However, there are health professionals that most people already deal with in some form that have become a reliable source of information during the pandemic: the Community Pharmacist.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has hit almost every industry hard and pharmacies are no exception.  However, there are some unique challenges that have been presented to pharmacists, who are responsible for ensuring patients get the right medications on time, notes Andrew Gyorda, RPh who manages Hollis Pharmacy in Hollis, New Hampshire. 

“Western society is plagued by a few big epidemics of disease.  Diabetes has been growing for years, as well as cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, liver disease, and a condition called metabolic syndrome which is decreasing our culture’s life expectancy for the first time on record.  This year our CDC reports that more than 8% of all people in the US have diabetes, and an additional 90 million are classified as pre-diabetic.”

Get Connected

Andrew Gyorda is happy to connect and share his experiences as a Pharmacist for his community in Hollis, NH. Contact him directly to learn more.